Foreclosure Ally Network

SHIC has implemented the Foreclosure Ally Network to help in our development of strategies for Home Retention360™.  We consult with attorneys, family counselors, investors, bankruptcy attorneys and personal finance resources around the nation, in order to stay abreast on new laws, case settlements, various economic forecasts and any new assistance programs. We also use this network of professionals to continually find & implement new opportunities to help strengthen a homeowner's personal finances and position in their home.


The Foreclosure Ally Network has been instrumental in helping SHIC's teams determine the best course of action to help make Home Retention360™ successful, but more importantly to make YOU successful.  The best strategy is as good as the number of people who contributed to it.  Rest assured, SHIC has the relationships and tools to help you get the results that will put you in a better financial position.

Strength In Numbers

It is undeniable that there is strength in numbers.  The more opinions meshed together to tackle a complex problem will undoubtedly result in a great strategy.  Herein lies the principle behind SHIC's strategy in using the Foreclosure Ally Network to help formulate their plan-Home Retention360™. 


There are many aspects to a distressed homeowner's situation.  It is not only about the house, but the economy as well.  Many people have reduced income and many more have lost their jobs, which has had detrimental effects on a family's household budget.  


A lot of clients are finding a benefit in having our counselors help them work out their personal budgets so, they can get on track with saving money every month. Also, in the event a client is unable to find a permanent solution, at the very least the client has saved money for their "Plan B"--exiting their home.


Many people feel getting a loan modification is the only way to fix their situation, but there is a reason why 70% of loan modifications end up in default. Families need to take a multi-dimensional approach to end up on top.  The Foreclosure Ally Network allows SHIC to consult with many professionals to come up with the best ideas, to make sure your plan is a solid one.    

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